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Through Ahmad Al Madani Advocates & Legal Consultants in Dubai and City Legal Consultancy in Abu Dhabi, we assure our clients that our advocates and legal consultants are able to efficiently deliver high quality legal services in various areas of law. Our practice areas include, but are not limited to, the following: real estate, insurance, banks, establishment of different types of the companies (such as local, free zone & offshore) establishment of branches of foreign companies in UAE, companies law, civil, commercial, criminal, intellectual property, trademarks, trade agencies, labour, maritime and arbitration.



Our field in the following areas:

  • Civil lawsuits.
  • Commercial lawsuits.
  • Companies lawsuits.
  • Real estate lawsuits.
  • Labour lawsuits.
  • Criminal lawsuits.
  • Construction lawsuits.
  • Rental lawsuits.
  • Arbitration.      


Legal consultants

  • Legal advises.
  • Drafting contracts & agreements.
  • Establishment of the companies.
  • Register trade makes.